CE Marking Certification Process Procedure In India

CE Certificate

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / product 
Blue sky management services is a leading CE Marking consultants located at ahmedabad in gujarat india for CE marking of various products under self certification or through notified body / notified agency

Organization willing to certify /register their products with CE - Conformity to Europeon mark in India should follow following processes.

1) Decide product & its model to be certified with CE mark. CE marking is product and model specific. It focuses on design of product and CE marking process varies if design of product varies in general.

2) Identify CE marking directives applicable in the product. Few of directive names are machinery directive, low voltage directive LVD, Eelectro magnetic compatibility EMC directive, PED pressure equipment directive, Lift Directive, Construction machinery directive, Toys directive, medical devices directive etc.

3) Identify harmonic standards applicable in the product to be CE mark as required.

4) Do risk analysis of requirements of Directive / standards and product to be CE certified to validate compliance against those directives / standards.

5) Get product to be CE marked, tested ( inhouse / outside ) as per requirement of Directive / harmonic standard.

6) After observing compliance with CE mark directives / harmonic standards, prepare technical construction file (TCF). This includes Declaration of confirmity (DOC).

7) Some of products can be CE marked through self certification, however some can be CE marked by involving CE marking notification agency / competent agency / competent body. Those products where self certification is not recommended, CE marking certification / registration agencies shall be involved right from designing of product started. This helps in designign product as per essential health and safety requirements mentioned in standard / directive.

8) It is recommended that after preparation of TCF - technical construction file for product being CE marked, it is given for review to certification agency involved in CE certification / registration.

Organizations In india looking to CE mark their products like machines, motors, electrical devices, electronic devices, etc. can contact us. We are consultants / advisors / agencies / consultancy for CE marking in Gujarat ( at Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Gandhidham, Gandhinagar, Kutch, Rajkot, Chhatral, Mehsana, kadi, Kalol etc in Gujarat ) and in other states of India.

We can extend our CE marking certification consultancy services for following products.
- Mechanical equipments
- Electrical equipments
- Electronics equipments
- Pressurized equipments
- Construction equipments
- Lift equipments
- medical devices.

organizations looking for CE mark of above products in india can contact us.
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CE Marking Certification Consultants Gujarat India

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece 

CE Marking Self Certification Notified Body Certification Agency

Blue sky management services is a leading service provider for CE marking certification in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Located in Gujarat in India, Blue sky management services is helping customers in achieving CE marking product certification. As applicable in product we can consult for CE marking in self certification or CE marking with notified body-agency in India.

Product to be CE marked shall be evaluated against various directives and harmonic standards. A detailed risk assessment / other procedure may be employed for same. For CE marking product may need to be tested inhouse / external competent laboratory. After evaluation of compliance with applicable CE directive and CE harmonic standards a technical construction file TCF shall be prepared.

CE Marking Certification services that we offer are meant for confirmation to European safety standards (CE). The products which are transported to European countries from India should have to confirm this standard as applicable. This is issued for safety compliance in various products being dispatched at Europe & in other countries as applicable. We offer these services to our several esteemed clients as per their requirements.


It is known as Conformity to European (CE).
It specifies essential safety requirements being incorporated in the products being dispatched to European countries.

We are working at CE marking certification consultants, consultancy, service providers, consulting agency, CE mark providers in India ahmedabad Gujarat. We are providing CE marking services in various cities of Gujarat including ahmedabad, vadodara, surat, ankleshwar, bharuch, nadiad, anand, vidhyanagar, jamnagar, bhavnagar, surendranagar, himmatnagar, rajkot, gandhidham, kutch, mehsana, kadi, kalol, valsad, vapi and in other cities of Gujarat and in India.

CE Marking Requirements- Process.

  • Considering safety of products, directives (Laws) are prepared by europeon union.
  • Some of the directives are machinery directive, low voltage directive, EMC directive, ATEX directive, lift directive, construction directive etc.
  • Product under consideration to be CE marked shall comply with directive requirements.
  • Such requirements may include testing of products in competent laboratory
  • After complying, a technical construction file (TCF) shall be developed
  • Some of products can be CE marked under self certification category. Where as considering unsafe nature of products, certain products can be CE marked only by notified agencies.
  • It is advisable to get Technical construction file reviewed by notified body- agency though the product can be CE marked under self certification.
Organizations located at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India willing to certify their products with CE marking product certification can contact us. We are leading consultants for same.

Ce Marking Certification Requirements

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece 
CE marking stands for Conformity to Europeon. There are various Directives and standards been formed by the Europeon Union on various products which focuses upon Safety. Products to be CE marked shall be evaluated against those Directives and standards. It may include verification or testing as per Directive or standard requirements.

Once the testing and verification is completed, a Technical constructil file TCF is compiled with declaration of confirmity against applied directives and standards.

CE marking can be applied to various products including mechanical, electrical, electronics, medical etc.
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CE Marking Procedure for Machines Motors Electrical Products

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Project 
Organizations looking for CEmarking of their machines, CE marking of motors, CE marking of panels, CE marking of electrical equipments, CE marking of machinery products, CE marking of electronic products etc. in India can contact us. We can help such organizations in achieving CE marking services for their products under self certification / CE marking with notified body considering construction / application of the product.

We can help organizations looking for CE marking of various products like motors, panels, machinery and CE marking of various equipments which involves motors, gear boxes, hydraulic equipments, pressure equipments, heaters, PCBs, resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.

Following would be our scope in procedure for CE marking of such equipments

- Analysis of product design, its construction, its application and evaluating directives to be applicable
- Evaluation of harmonic standards such as IEC/EN etc. applicable to the product.
- identification of gapes with respect to Directive / standard requirements and existing product to be CE marked.
- Guiding upon necesary changes in the product construction , product testing in laboratory for complying with directive / standard requirements
- Coordinating for compilation of technical construction file for CE marking.

If required, we can coordinate with certification agency for issuing a formal certificate of complilance after review of technical construction file as a part of external certification agency's certificate for CE marking.

organizations / companies looking for CE marking consultants in India can contact us.
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How To Prepare CE Marking Technical Construction File TCF

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Project 
CE marking Technical construction file is output of CE marking certification procedure that contains all necessary documents which are required to formally demonstrate that product is CE marked and all necessary evidence required are compiled in terms of TCF - Technical construction file.

A CE Marking Technical construction file - TCF normally contains

- Declaration of conformity - DOC
- Product details which is CE marked. Detail includes product application, bill of material / part list, Drawings / Design of the product,
- Detail of raw materials / bought out components which are already CE marked and their CE marking certificate
- Test certificates of Raw material / bought out components.
- Risk analysis against requirements of applicable directives / standards
- Test reports for all tests required as per applicable directives / standard requirements
- Product user manual contains instructions for usage, maintenance, operation, precautions during usage-operation-maintenance-handling
- Product packing details

Above is a guideline for preparation of CE marking. Documents may vary than specified above.

Organizations looking for

- How to prepare CE marking TCF - technical construction file
- Documents included in TCF - Technical construction file
- How to compile TCF - Technical construction file
- What is TCF CE marking technical construction file

can contact us.

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ISO-CE Marking Consultants Service Providers

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece 
Established in year 2004, Blue sky management services is a leading ISO certification and CE certification, ISO CE registration consultants-ISO CE certification consultancy service providers in Ehsana, Himmatnagar, Chhatral, Kalol, Surendranagar, Sanand, Kutch Junagadh Vapi Morabi, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and in other cities of Gujarat and in India.

We are providing our ISO certificate-certification consultancy - OHSAS certification consultancy - CE marking certification consultancy services in gujarat and in india.

We are providing our ISO CE OHSAS certification consultancy services for achievement of various certifications-registrations like

1) ISO 9001 (9000) :2008 quality management system QMS certificates
2) ISO 14001 (14000) environmental management system EMS certificates
3) OHSAS 18001 (18000) occupational health and safety management system certification
4) ISO 22000 HACCP Food safety management system registration
5) ISO 27001 (27000) information security management system certification
6) ISO 50001 (50000) energy management system certification
7) CE marking product certification.

Organization wiling to achieve ISO 9000 14000 18000 27000 22000 certifications registrations, willing to certify that products with CE marking, willing to get ISO trainings can contact us. We are consultants, consultancy service providers, certification consulting agency, certification service providers and training provider agency for same.
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